Test, Measurement and Monitoring in Cable’s New World

Test, Measurement and Monitoring in Cable’s New World

It is obvious that the cable industry is changing with unprecedented speed. New services and new ways of delivering those services are emerging on a consistent basis. One thing remains the same, however: Operators must deliver what they promise reliably and without drama. To promise and fail has dire consequences.

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Special Report: What is Signal Level? – Part 2


When you measure signal level at the output of an amplifier, the input to a cable modem, TV set or set-top, just what is it that’s being measured? The short answer is you’re measuring the amplitude of a signal or signals, but what does that mean? And is measuring signal level enough? Understanding the nuts and bolts of signal level is an important skill for all technical personnel.

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Special Report: What is Signal Level?


Join industry veteran Ron Hranac – past SCTE President, Chairman and Hall of Fame inductee, and Technical Leader for Cisco Systems – as he explains the basics of just what signal level is in the first of a two-part eBook, What is Signal Level? Ron discusses the importance of equipment calibration, provides troubleshooting tips, and emphasizes the importance of understanding the limitations of signal level measurements: Sometimes signal level is OK, but signal quality is not.

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The Changing Face of Service Level Agreements


The cable industry is trying to sell its commercial services to bigger organizations. The long-term goal is to be a player among multinational, Fortune 500-type organizations. But first things first: At this point, a great deal of the action is … Continue reading

VeEX Buying Sunrise Assets


VeEx and Sunrise Telecom (OTC:SRTI) have entered into a definitive agreement in which VeEX will acquire substantially all of the operating assets of Sunrise Telecom, including its product lines, trademarks, intellectual property and associated assets. Pending shareholder approval, the transaction … Continue reading