The Promising, Evolving World of Home Automation


The home networking/home automation segment beckons as one of the most promising of the many potentially lucrative opportunities that the industry is assessing as 2014 dawns. The attraction of home automation/home security is that it is virtually all upside and … Continue reading

Top 10s of 2013, as Chosen by our Readers


Wondering what was hot in cable’s technology space this year? Look no further. Here are our top 10 lists for feature stories, videos and special projects for the last year. The rankings, from most views to least, are based on … Continue reading

Video Trends: 3 Vendors’ Views

‘Tis the season for predictions, and ARRIS (NASDAQ:ARRS), Pace (LSE:PIC) and Digitalsmiths are all taking a hard look at recent (and coming) trends in video. Multiscreen, OTT, HEVC and UltraHD all figure strongly. ARRIS expects to see four trends driving … Continue reading

Gateway to Cable Operators’ Future


Multimedia home gateways are not only gateways to consumer electronics devices in subscribers’ houses and apartments. They also are the gateways to increased revenues and, to a great extent, the cable industry’s multiscreen and advanced services future. The importance of … Continue reading