White Paper: Understanding Frequency-Specific Cable Egress


Whether you’re responsible for maintaining a CATV network or an LTE network, egress from cable television systems has become one of the more serious sources of interference in 700 MHz LTE networks in the United States. Traditional tools and methodologies for detecting and locating egress are focused almost entirely on analog signals in the VHF aeronautical band and therefore cannot be used for digital signals at higher frequencies.

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White Paper: Evolving Challenges in LTE / Cable Interference Issues


The widespread deployment of LTE at 700 MHz has important implications for the cable industry with regards to signal ingress and egress. Awareness of this issue in both the cable and wireless community has grown tremendously since it was initially identified, and tools for detecting, locating, and resolving cable egress issues are now available.

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Alaska Com, GCI Close on Wireless Net

Alaska Communications (NASDAQ:ALSK) and General Communication Inc. (NASDAQ:GNCMA) have completed the previously announced transaction to form The Alaska Wireless Network. Alaska Communications and GCI have each contributed their respective wireless assets, including spectrum licenses, cell sites, backhaul facility usage rights, … Continue reading