Best Practices for Troubleshooting Set-Top Boxes

BP March 3-26-13

At the heart of the drop-end of the cable system – the home – beats the set-top box, or STB. And while these amazing devices have grown in capacity and capability since just a few short years ago, occasionally they can be balky. So in the case of troublesome STB issues, reducing both time-off line for the customer and minimizing truck rolls for the technician are paramount. Fortunately, sometimes the issue isn’t the STB, but another related issue.

And even more fortunate for the technician is that most STB troubleshooting issues are easy tasks to complete.

So before your team instantly assumes an STB must be swapped, and then go through the time on-site while the STB resets, have them review these steps first.

This issue of Best Practices is sponsored by Motorola.

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